nutmeg, whole

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Discover the true essence of nutmeg with our Whole Nutmeg. This sublime spice, once the object of explorers' quest, hails from the lush, tropical Spice Islands. As an integral component of an evergreen tree, the nutmeg seed stands as a testament to nature's culinary generosity. Each hard-shelled nutmeg encapsulates a world of aromatic possibilities, while its encasing lacy veil is the equally exotic spice mace.

Nutmeg has an invaluable heritage in sweet and savory dishes, offering complex layers of sweet, spicy, and warmly aromatic notes, from delightful cakes and hearty stews to classic Bechamel sauce and comforting eggnog. It is at home in the simplest of dishes, like potatoes and spinach, or showcases its full potential in complex blends with squash and onion sauce. Let our Whole Nutmeg be among the star ingredients in your kitchen, making every meal a journey of flavor and tradition.

Baked Goods: Grate some nutmeg into your next batch of cookies, muffins, or bread for a warm, sweet undertone.

Creamy Soups: A dash of freshly grated nutmeg can add depth to creamy soups like pumpkin soup or potato and leek soup.

Roasted Vegetables: Sprinkle nutmeg on roasted vegetables like butternut squash or sweet potatoes for a hint of warm, spicy sweetness.

Savory Sauces: A pinch of nutmeg in white or Bechamel sauces lends a warm, aromatic depth that pairs beautifully with pasta, lasagna, or baked vegetable dishes.

Hot Drinks: Freshly grated nutmeg is a classic addition to hot drinks like mulled wine, eggnog, or chai tea latte, contributing a distinct, comforting spice.

Ingredients: nutmeg