cinnamon, Korintji, 3% oil, ground

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Our Korintji Cinnamon, ground from the branch of a small evergreen tree native to the lush lands of Assam and northern Burma, is also known as Chinese cinnamon. This unique spice boasts a distinctive deep reddish-brown hue and offers an intense, subtly bitter, yet aromatic profile. Unlike its Ceylon cousin, Korintji cinnamon introduces an engaging astringent note and a less intense but equally enticing fragrance.

Hailing from the fertile soils of Indonesia, our Korintji cinnamon stands out for its high natural oil content, infusing the spice with sweet, buttery aromas and enveloping your senses in its rich flavors. While its usage traditionally leans towards sweet dishes, the versatility of Korintji cinnamon allows it to be a remarkable addition to many recipes, bridging the divide between sweet and savory.

Braised Meat Dishes: Korintji cinnamon can be the secret ingredient in your braised dishes, lending a sweet and savory depth that cuts through the meat's richness.

Sauces and Curries: Incorporate it into your sauces and curries, where its sweet aroma and complex flavor profile can balance the heat and acidity.

Rice Dishes: Consider sprinkling it on rice dishes, including sweet rice pudding or savory biryani, to impart a warm, aromatic flavor.

Stewed Fruit: Use Korintji cinnamon to elevate stewed fruit dishes, such as apple, pear, and cranberry, enhancing their natural sweetness with a spiced dimension.

Bakery Delights: Infuse your traditional baking recipes with Korintji cinnamon. Its sweet, buttery flavor enhances cakes, pies, and pastries.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, ground