cinnamon, Saigon, 5% oil, ground

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With its potent high oil concentration, our Saigon cinnamon stands as a paragon of spice excellence. This unique cinnamon variant, desired for its superior aromatic intensity and robust, peppery warmth, stands out in the family. Its high oil content deepens its rich, dark hue and amplifies its bold, spicy notes. This Saigon cinnamon is perfect for savory and sweet culinary creations and brings unparalleled depth and complexity to every dish it graces.

Savory Stews: Add dimension and depth to your stews with a pinch of Saigon cinnamon, infusing them with a warm, spicy undertone.

Chocolate Cakes: Transform your chocolate cakes into exotic treats by blending this cinnamon into the batter for a spicy twist.

Spiced Ganache: Create a lusciously spiced ganache by incorporating this cinnamon, adding a subtle kick to your desserts.

Rice Dishes: Infuse your rice dishes, like pilafs or biryanis, with this cinnamon to impart a fragrant, spicy aroma.

Homemade Chai: Craft a bold, homemade chai tea using this cinnamon as an essential spice, enhancing its warmth and spiciness.

Ingredients: cinnamon, Saigon