cinnamon sticks, Ceylon, 3 inch

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Our Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, harvested from the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka and India, embody our brand's authenticity. These 3-inch delicacies, varying in hues from vibrant orange to a gentle light brown, infuse any dish with an unmatched aromatic bouquet and subtly sweet flavor. The allure of Ceylon, also known as true cinnamon, lies in its exceptional quality and its delightful whispers of citrus. From the traditional Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines to the fusion of global gastronomy, these cinnamon sticks are a classic staple, offering a bridge to enhance sweet and savory flavors. Incorporate them into a sumptuous lamb stew, aromatic rice dishes, tangy fruit compotes, decadent chocolate desserts, or a luscious dessert sauce. The opportunities for culinary excellence with these Ceylon cinnamon sticks are endless, giving every gourmand the chance to master their craft.

Steep these cinnamon sticks in your homemade mulled wine or cider, unlocking a heartwarming spice note perfect for the colder seasons.

Enhance the flavor of a rich lamb tagine or curry by adding a cinnamon stick during the slow-cooking process.

Create an aromatic pilaf or biryani by incorporating a cinnamon stick while cooking the rice.

Add a sweet twist to your hot cocoa or coffee by stirring it with a cinnamon stick for a subtle spice infusion.

Use these sticks as the secret ingredient in your fruit compote or dessert sauce, adding an underlying warmth and complexity.

Ingredients: cinnamon