pate spice, whole

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Experience the bold elegance of French gastronomy with our Pate Spice blend in its whole form. Inspired by the timeless allure of classic French pâtés and terrines, this exquisite concoction offers enticing flavors - robust peppercorns, and aromatic coriander, along with the quintessential pâté spices, clove, and allspice. Roughly chop, crush, or grind this versatile spice blend to your preference, and watch it infuse your culinary creations with the finesse and refinement of French cuisine.

Use this pate spice blend when creating your traditional pâté or terrine, promising a subtle yet profound flavor enhancement that gives a nod to classic French gastronomy.

Incorporate it into your ground meat dishes, bringing forth an aromatic richness that enhances the texture and taste of your meal.

Grind and sprinkle it over your seafood before cooking, providing an exciting depth of flavor that perfectly complements the freshness of the ocean bounty.

Crush and sprinkle it over roasted vegetables, adding a gourmet touch that transforms everyday side dishes into a feast for the senses.

Use it to season homemade soups and stews, offering a delicious complexity that warms and comforts.

Ingredients: peppercorns, coriander, spices