hint of thyme

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Hint of Thyme is our interpretation of an all-purpose poultry seasoning skillfully combined with the aromatic and warming notes of sage, thyme, and rosemary, along with a subtle hint of savory undertones. The inclusion of black peppercorn adds a spicy punch, while delicate accents of onion and garlic provide depth. Hand-harvested sea salt further elevates the complex yet balanced flavor profile, serving as the finishing touch and ensuring a seasoning that enhances and transforms your dishes. Originally intended for poultry and potatoes, Hint of Thyme has proven to be equally at home in a plethora of other dishes.

Marinade: Mix Hint of Thyme with some olive oil and lemon juice to create a flavorful marinade for your chicken or turkey, infusing it with a sophisticated taste profile that stands out.

Vegetable Medley: Toss your favorite blend of vegetables in a hint of olive oil and our Hint of Thyme seasoning before roasting them to perfection in the oven.

Pasta Enhancement: Sprinkle a dash of Hint of Thyme into your pasta sauce for an added flavor dimension, complementing the sauce's richness with our intricate blend.

Sausage Seasoning: Sprinkle over your homemade sausage mix before cooking to add an extra layer of flavor, creating a savory twist that truly elevates your meal.

Soup Enhancer: A pinch of Hint of Thyme in your soup can bring out the flavors of the ingredients, creating a harmonious balance that will warm your soul.

Ingredients: spices, domestic onion, sea salt, domestic garlic