thyme leaf, whole

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Exuding the radiant essence of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, our whole thyme leaves pay testament to the richness of its ancestry within the mint family. With a robust aroma, these leaves infuse dishes with a vibrant, characteristic flavor subtly tinged with lemony accents. A keystone in kitchen pantries around the globe, our thyme leaves are an indispensable component of various culinary masterpieces, from delectable stocks to luxurious sauces and heartwarming soups to sophisticated bouquet garni.

Infuse our whole thyme leaves into a savory broth to enhance your homemade chicken soup, augmenting its nourishing warmth with a unique Mediterranean flair.

Create a robust marinade for your lamb by combining thyme with garlic, rosemary, and olive oil, thereby rendering it succulent and fragrant.

Amplify the freshness of your grilled fish by adorning it with a sprinkling of whole thyme leaves, highlighting its natural flavors.

Use our thyme leaves to complement roasted vegetables or a legume salad, enhancing the earthiness of the ingredients while introducing an exotic aroma.

Create a sophisticated appetizer by blending our whole thyme leaves into a creamy goat cheese spread. Serve it on top of crisp crostini or artisanal crackers, drizzled with a touch of honey.