Merken Mapuche blend (traditional Chilean Seasoning)

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Experience the rich, vibrant flavors of the Mapuche tribes of Chile with our Merken Spice Blend. Drawing on its heritage, our Merken Spice Blend is a smoky, aromatic taste explosion, uniting the fiery heat of assorted regional chiles with the earthy tones of coriander, oregano, and cumin. The blend is accented by the sweetness of paprika and balanced by hand-harvested sea salt. This robust, multifaceted blend is more than a seasoning—it's a culinary adventure that transports the spirit of Chile to your creations.

Protein Seasoning: Dust our Merken Spice Blend over chicken, fish, beef, or tofu before grilling or roasting to envelop your proteins in smoky, spicy flavors.

Rustic Soups and Stews: Add a generous pinch to your soups or stews to imbue them with a depth of flavor that is heartily satisfying.

Signature Sauces: Blend into your homemade tomato or cream sauces, creating a signature flavor profile that impresses your guests.

Roasted Vegetables: Toss your favorite vegetables in olive oil and our Merken Spice Blend before roasting to elevate your side dishes to gourmet status.

Condiment Creation: Rehydrate the blend with hot water, olive oil, and vinegar to make a vibrant and flavorful chutney or paste, perfect as a dip or a spread for sandwiches and wraps.

Ingredients: spices, chiles, sea salt