basil walnut pesto blend

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The quickest way to pasta perfection by recreating the fresh flavors of pesto with a dry blend.
This nut free dried pesto blend uses a combination of Romano and Parmesan cheese to make your family a quick, easy and flavorful meal. Simply add this blend to boiled pasta and drizzle with olive oil. Use as a creative salad seasoning and an excellent choice as a finish to grilled vegetables, or marinade for proteins.

Ingredients: spices, Romano chesse (dehydrated blend of romano cheese, part-skim cow's milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, sodium phosphate. contains milk), Organic Parmesan cheese (pasteurized organic milk, salt, cheese culture, enzymes), disodium phosphate.* *Contains less than 2% silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent contains milk, domestic garlic, domestic onion, walnut flavor, organic, allergen free, O/S (organic sunflower oil, natural flavors), lemon crystals (lemon powder, Meyer lemon, non-gmo (Meyer lemon, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin), organic cane sugar, citric acid non-gmo, dextrose, lemon oil (California, pure, single fold, non-GMO), sea salt

Contains: Milk & Sunflower

Allergens: milk