cardamom pods, black, whole

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Our Black Cardamom Pods are a treasure trove of culinary potential, distinguished by their rich, smoky aroma and robust flavor. Each pod offers a deeper, more intense flavor profile than its green counterpart and is ideal for chefs and culinary enthusiasts seeking a smoky sophistication.

Smoky Vegan Chili: Infuse your vegan chili with whole Black Cardamom Pods to add a smoky depth, enhancing the umami flavors of plant-based proteins.

Cardamom-Infused Baking: Break open a pod and infuse the seeds into your dough for breads or pastries, adding an unexpected twist of smoky sweetness.

Aromatic Rice Pilaf: Stir whole pods into your rice pilaf as it cooks to imbue the grains with a fragrant, smoky essence, perfect for Middle Eastern and South Asian-inspired dishes.

Spiced Hot Chocolate: Add a pod to your hot chocolate for a smoky, aromatic twist on a classic winter comfort drink.

Barbecue Rubs: Grind the pods and mix with other spices for a unique barbecue rub, adding a smoky cardamom note to grilled meats.

Infused Cocktails: Use the pods to infuse gin or vodka, creating a smoky, aromatic base for innovative cocktails.

Artisanal Pickles: Add whole pods to your pickling brine for a smoky twist on traditional pickled vegetables.

Ingredients: cardamom pods