Hawaiian, Alaea red sea salt, coarse

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We are excited to introduce Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt - Coarse, an irresistible fusion of pristine Molokai sea salt and premium Hawaiian red Alaea clay. This combination forms a vibrant, coarse salt known for its lower sodium content, a higher concentration of trace minerals and electrolytes, and a pH balance of 9.37. With 81% sodium chloride and a significant 19% containing 80 naturally occurring trace minerals, this salt contrasts the composition of traditional table salts, which can contain up to 99% sodium chloride.

A seamless blend of age-old methods and modern technology enables the production of some of the purest salt, effectively minimizing the introduction of impurities during the dehydration process. The coarse Alaea Red Sea Salt is a testament to the unique Hawaiian terrain, featuring the inclusion of the baked red Alaea clay extracted from between lava rock layers, which endows the salt with its rich, earthy flavor and vivid color.

Grill Guru: Sprinkle over your barbeque or grilled dishes for a delightful crunch and robust flavor.

Salad Savant: Enhance the taste and visual appeal of your salads, fruits, and vegetables with a light dusting.

Seafood Specialist: Elevate your fish and shellfish dishes with this flavorful salt.

Recipe Renegade: Introduce a touch of Hawaii into any sweet or savory recipe.

Finishing Flourish: Use as a finishing salt for a burst of flavor and aesthetic appeal.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium baked Hawaiian red alaea clay