Hawaiian, white silver sea salt, coarse

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Our Hawaiian salts are harvested from the island of Molokai using Molokai sea water, which has been tested to be as clean as any sea water on earth. The result is a sea salt with lower sodium content and higher natural elements, trace minerals and electrolytes. Even more specifically, the finished product is the white sea salt with a pH balance of 9.37, 81% sodium chloride, and the other 19% contains 80 naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes. In comparison, traditional table salts may contain as much as 99% sodium chloride.

Both ancient techniques and modern technology are used to produce some of the purest salt by restricting the introduction of impurities during the dehydration process.

Variations of this salt are white silver, bamboo jade, Alaea red, black lava, and smoked alder and hickory sea salts. All of the variations use the pure white version of the salt as a base and introduce other components for differences in color, flavor and texture. These salts are not limited to culinary usage, but also other industries such as spa, beauty, and nutrition to name a few.

This is the white silver version, which has a perfect balance of color, moisture and flavor for use in all cooking applications. Use with any recipe, vegetables, meats, seafood, pasta, sweet or savory dishes.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand harvested white Hawaiian sea salt