Hawaiian, Bamboo Jade sea salt, fine

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Delight in the unique character of our Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt - Fine. This exquisite salt derives from the exceptionally clean seawaters of Molokai, transforming into a culinary treasure rich in natural elements, trace minerals, electrolytes, and a distinctive pH balance of 9.37. Composed of 81% sodium chloride and a remarkable 19% amalgamation of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals, it contrasts traditional table salts, which can have as much as 99% sodium chloride.

This salt production embraces age-old traditions and cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest purity, efficiently curbing the introduction of impurities throughout the dehydration process. The Bamboo Jade variant stands out with its organically grown Bamboo Leaf extract infusion, free from artificial colors or flavors. This element lends the salt's signature sweet green tea aroma and luxurious, smooth texture, culminating in a savory, herbaceous, earthy flavor profile.

Asian Cuisine Aficionado: Enhance stir-fries, rice dishes, and other Asian-inspired meals.

Fruit and Veggie Virtuoso: Add a savory touch to your fruits, vegetables, and salads.

Seafood Specialist: Elevate fish and shellfish dishes, particularly tuna, with this flavorful seasoning.

Grill Master: Use this gourmet salt to elevate the taste of your grilled dishes.

Culinary Explorer: Experiment with both sweet and savory recipes to discover the transformative power of Bamboo Jade Sea Salt.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, organically grown bamboo leaf extract.