Hawaiian, white silver sea salt, fine

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Introducing our Hawaiian White Silver Sea Salt - Fine, a sublime culinary gem sourced from the pristine waters of Molokai. Celebrated for being one of the cleanest on Earth, these waters gift us with a sea salt that boasts a lower sodium content and is rich in trace minerals and electrolytes. Our fine version of this white silver sea salt carries a harmonious pH balance of 9.37, 81% sodium chloride, and a remarkable 19% composed of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals compared to traditional table salts that may contain up to 99% sodium chloride.

The production process is a fusion of time-honored methods and cutting-edge technology, ensuring minimal impurity introduction during dehydration, resulting in one of the purest salts available. Our White Silver Sea Salt, with its balanced interplay of color, moisture, and flavor, is a versatile addition to any kitchen, set to enhance a multitude of dishes.

Culinary All-Rounder: Use this fine salt in any recipe that calls for a dash of seasoning - its balanced flavor profile suits vegetables, meats, seafood, and pasta.

Dessert Enhancer: Try a sprinkle of Hawaiian White Silver Sea Salt over sweet dishes like caramel-based desserts or dark chocolate brownies to create an enchanting sweet-salty balance.

Salad Seasoning: Enrich your salads by lightly seasoning them with this fine sea salt, bringing out the crisp, fresh flavors of the vegetables.

Elevate Egg Dishes: Sprinkle on your breakfast eggs or omelets, adding a delicate touch of sea flavor that enhances the natural egg taste.

Homemade Soups: Add a pinch of our Hawaiian fine salt into homemade soups, enriching their depth of flavor and adding a gentle mineral kick.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand harvested white Hawaiian sea salt