Hawaiian, black lava sea salt, coarse

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Experience the distinctive allure of our Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt - Coarse. Hand-harvested from the unspoiled waters of Molokai, among the cleanest worldwide, we bring you a sea salt low in sodium content and rich in natural elements, trace minerals, and electrolytes. This coarse black lava variant, presenting a pH balance of 9.37, comprises 81% sodium chloride and an impressive 19% blend of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals — a stark contrast to typical table salts that may contain up to 99% sodium chloride.

The production method, a unique blend of age-old techniques and contemporary technology, ensures the minimal introduction of impurities during the dehydration process. As a result, we deliver some of the purest salts on the market. With a touch of premium activated coconut shell charcoal, our Black Lava Sea Salt exhibits a striking dark hue and infuses your dishes with an earthy, smoky flavor, making it an exceptional finishing salt.

Finishing Touch: Add an exotic finishing touch to your fruits, vegetables, salads, and seafood, lending an earthy, smoky flavor.

Grill Master: Impress guests at your next barbeque using this unique black lava salt on grilled pineapple or other grilled fruits.

Elegant Garnish: Use this visually striking salt to garnish your savory appetizers or sweet desserts, adding a gourmet touch to your presentations.

Exotic Marinades: Incorporate this coarse sea salt into your marinades for an added depth of smoky flavor.

Premium Popcorn: Elevate your homemade popcorn with a sprinkle of Black Lava Sea Salt for an unforgettable movie night.

Ingredients: sun-dried, hand-harvested white Hawaiian sea salt, premium activated coconut shell charcoal