hint of bay seasoning

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Hint of Bay marries the robust flavors of the coastal region, embodying the spirit of both culinary craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients. Each jar of Hint of Bay is a meticulously arranged blend of distinctly chosen spices, combining hand-harvested sea salt, celery seed, bay leaf, black peppercorn, mustard, paprika, and traditional bay spices. It enriches dishes with a multifaceted depth that is distinct yet harmonious. Far from a typical bay seasoning, Hint of Bay is a unique blend that subtly delivers layers of flavor to an array of dishes.

Marinade Powerhouse: Infuse your seafood, particularly shellfish, with the distinct coastal flavors of Hint of Bay as part of a marinade, imbuing every morsel with a tangy, spicy undertone.

Grill Partner: Spice up your BBQ game by sprinkling Hint of Bay onto your meats and vegetables, creating a delectable crust that seals in the juices.

Soup's Secret: Stir Hint of Bay into your soups and stews to deepen their complexity, inviting an unexpected hint of the coast into a comforting bowl.

Seafood Boil Brilliance: Supercharge your seafood boil with Hint of Bay. Toss in a generous helping to season the water, allowing the blend to infuse the seafood with a medley of rich, coastal flavors.

Elevated Eggs: Use Hint of Bay to reinvent your breakfast by adding it to scrambled eggs or omelettes, bringing a delightful hint of the sea to the start of your day.

Ingredients: hand-harvested sea salt, spices, chiles