hint of garlic, HOT

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Unveiling Hint of Garlic Hot, framed to satisfy the taste buds of spice enthusiasts and garlic lovers. This gourmet blend artfully intertwines the earthy goodness of garlic with the fiery punch of aged cayenne peppers, harmoniously balanced with a hint of spices, onion, and a touch of Dijon mustard powder. Our creation concludes with a zest of lemon crystals and a whisper of hand-harvested sea salt, culminating in a harmony of flavors that promises to elevate your everyday meals to gourmet delights.

Marinade Magic: Use the blend as a marinade for your chicken, beef, or seafood. It brings a vibrant, spicy, garlicky note that takes your protein of choice to the next level.

Flavorful Roasted Veggies: Sprinkle a generous amount on your vegetables before roasting. It lends a tantalizing flavor profile that makes veggies irresistible.

Spice up your Pasta: Stir some into your pasta sauces, either red or white, for that kick of heat and depth of flavor.

Exciting Egg Scrambles: Sprinkle a pinch of this blend into your scrambled eggs or omelets for a spicy, garlicky flavor that will invigorate your morning routine.

Exotic Bloody Mary: Shake it up into your Bloody Mary for a zingy, unique twist on this classic cocktail.

Ingredients: domestic garlic, sea salt, chiles, spices, domestic onion, hot sauce powder ((aged cayenne red peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic), maltodextrin, 1-2% silicon dioxide may be added as an anti-caking agent)), Dijon mustard powder ((mustard seed, ground, vinegar white distilled powder (maltodextrin, food starch-modified, & vinegar), lemon crystals (Meyer lemon powder non-GMO, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin), organic cane sugar, citric acid non-GMO, dextrose non-GMO, lemon oil (California, pure, single fold, non-GMO), sea salt, domestic onion, sea salt, domestic garlic, spices.))

Contains: Sunflower