peppercorn, long, Thai, whole

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Our Long Pepper, or Piper longum, hails from a lineage of exquisite peppercorns, each carrying a history steeped in the spice routes of the Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia. The Long Pepper possesses an allure far beyond standard black pepper, a multi-layered symphony of flavors. Hotter than its familiar cousin, its immediate pungency gives way to complex undertones hinting at exotic nutmeg, cardamom, and allspice, and even a whiff of invigorating pine. The taste lingers on the palate, a tantalizing balance of sweet earthiness and fiery spice. Breaking the long spikes starts a journey of the senses, releasing an aroma that infuses your dishes with a robust, unparalleled depth.

Exotic Curries: Introduce Long Pepper to your curry mix and taste the difference as its complex flavors blend with the warmth of the dish, enhancing the overall profile.

Signature Sauces: Create a unique twist to your sauces by grinding our Long Pepper into them. It will give your dishes an impressive depth of flavor.

Revitalized Pickles: Give your homemade pickles a touch of the exotic by infusing them with Long Pepper, its distinctive heat and sweet earthiness will take your pickling to the next level.

Bold Soups: Warm your soul and spice up your classic soups by adding a dash of ground Long Pepper, lending them a captivating layer of complexity.

Fruit with a Twist: Elevate fresh fruit salads by lightly sprinkling ground Long Pepper. It adds a delightful spicy edge to sweet, juicy fruit, surprising your palate with an unexpected flavor journey.