Hawaiian, Smoked Salt, alder & hickory smoked sea salt, coarse

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Smoked Salt - Alder & Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, Coarse. Harvested from the exceptionally pure waters of Molokai, which rank among the cleanest on Earth, this sea salt offers a lower sodium content and is abundant in natural elements, trace minerals, and electrolytes. Our coarse smoked salt maintains a favorable pH balance of 9.37 and is composed of 81% sodium chloride alongside a remarkable 19% combination of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals, a profile that differs from common table salts that can consist of up to 99% sodium chloride.

The producers employ a blend of traditional techniques and advanced technology. The dehydration process severely limits impurities, resulting in some of the most unblemished salt on the market. Our Hawaiian Smoked Salt undergoes cold-smoking with alder and hickory wood chips, infusing it with a creamy, smoky flavor that is sure to elevate your culinary creations.

Sensational Seafood: Try it with salmon, fish, or shellfish to add a smoky depth to your dishes.

Vegetable Boost: Sprinkle over grilled or roasted vegetables to accentuate their natural flavors.

Perfect Pasta: Use as a finishing touch on your pasta and rice dishes for an exciting flavor twist.

Steak Seasoning: Rub onto steaks before grilling for a delectable smoky, savory taste.

Gourmet Garnish: Add a gourmet touch to your dishes using this salt as a finishing garnish.

Ingredients: sun dried, hand harvested white Hawaiian sea salt